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Annuals are brief, but beautiful. They complete their entire life cycle in under a year’s time. Plants that aren’t hardy enough to survive our winters, calling it quits at the first sign of frost, are also considered annuals.  

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Native Plants

Native Plants occur naturally within a geographic area without the help of humans. Our native plants may be found within the borders of Idaho or within the broader region known as the Intermountain Steppe, where the Treasure Valley is situated.  

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Vegetables & Herbs

Vegetables & Herbs feed our bodies and our souls. Grow your own food and use herbs to add pizazz to cooking and cocktails. 

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Perennials come back each year. Most herbaceous perennials die back in the winter and green up again in spring. Woody perennials maintain their structure and either lose their leaves (deciduous) or hang onto them (evergreen) when temperatures are cold.  

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Plant Select

Plant Select plants are smart choices for a new American Landscape inspired by the Intermountain Steppe. They require less water; are tough and tolerate a range of conditions; provide wildlife habitat; resist disease and insects; are non-invasive; and, above all, beautiful! 

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